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Original Paintings, Country Pine Furniture, Ceramics, Quilts, Crafts, & Decor.   

  T. Marie's Galleries is an Original Art and Country Furniture studio and gallery. We specialize in original paintings , also offering limited edition art prints, hand-painted crafts, and some of the finest handcrafted country pine furniture. Using old world methods and handcrafting techniques.

 We use very few power tools compared to many of our competitors ,and build  heirloom quality "Primitive early American", "Shaker", and "Colonial" styles. Our crafts, art, and furniture styles range from Country, Folk, Traditional, and even to Caribbean with plenty more genres of decor available.

 Every item available on our site is handmade in our workshop specifically for each customer. All of our paintings are one-of-a-kind originals. Painted using traditional methods and materials, by our own in-house artist. For us ,it's all about keeping with old time quality and service.

 We pride ourselves in offering something for everyone and every budget trying to offer creations in various tastes, price ranges, and styles without ever sacrificing quality. We hope you will find something you like from us. If not don't hesitate to ask about custom paintings, portraits, and furniture as well.

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Ladder Shelf

 handmade in U.S.A.

Primitive Medicine Cabinet

Primitive Kitchen Herb Rack


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