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Decorating Your Home with Woodcrafts

                                                                                     Decorating Your Home with Woodcrafts 

A home featuring traditional wood crafts, folk art and hand-carved furniture exemplifies a unique style of beauty. Whether you proudly display family heirlooms or collectibles gathered throughout the years, the addition of wood as a classic backdrop throughout your home will set the stage for these historic treasures and enhance your home's sense of warmth and style.

Here are some tips for adding wood decor to your home.

* Start with the entrance. An impressively detailed, hand-carved wood door will set the tone before anyone even takes a step into your home. A stately carved wood door informs those entering the home of your own personal style.

An elaborate wood entry system, like those available in the Jeld-Wen IWP Collection, features extraordinary details that emphasize the wood's character. These doors are created by artisans who carefully craft each masterpiece to match and highlight a home's architectural details.

* Include interior decorative wood pieces. From windows, doors and furniture to clocks and artwork, decorative pieces are available in the wood species and style of your choice. Many of these pieces are still being created by hand. Artisans utilize their skills to replicate the exquisite works of old-world craftsmen, as well as create new, original designs. Craftsmen construct each piece individually, often choosing and planing the lumber themselves to bring out the true beauty of the wood.

* Create your own style. Continue your wood theme throughout your home when selecting moulding,  cabinetry and any additional woodwork. Using the same species all through your home creates a truly harmonious, classic feel. Or, use a blend of species by coordinating two or three different types of wood to create a varied, somewhat eclectic look.

From maple, pine and oak to mahogany and rosewood, these woods complement each other and promise an exotic design that will add interest and character to each room.

* Mix and match old with new. When decorating , match hand-carved wood items with factory-built accents, which are stylish yet economical. Handcrafted tables, cedar chests and armoires blend seamlessly with manufacturer-made wood picture frames, clocks and candlesticks. Mixing in your antique treasures will add that final touch, giving your home the individuality you desire and a proud display of your prized possessions.

Whether your home's style is colonial, country or shaker, handcrafted elements instill a bit of style and tradition. Look for local craft fairs and galleries to find artisans in your area or visit T. Marie's Galleries.

Shopping for Wooden Furniture for Your Home

                                                                                 Shopping for Wooden Furniture for Your Home

By: Gabriel Adams


When I think of buying living room/den, bedroom, or even kitchen/dining room furniture, I picture wood. Some people are really into the metal look, but not me. Although the idea of metal, especially iron, seems indestructible, it definitely does not give me a cozy feeling.

Before going out with your checkbook or credit card in hand, eager to purchase wooden furniture, there are some things that you need to consider. First, you want to do some detective work, locating a furniture company that carries wooden furniture that will meet your needs without breaking the bank. It will probably take several shopping trips to visit different furniture companies, but it will absolutely be worth the time.

Make sure that you will be dealing with a reputable company that deals in quality products and workmanship. Does this company deliver the furniture and set it up for you? How much additional charge is there for this service?

Ask them to explain their return policy and whether or not they make arrangements for payments. Many major furniture stores offer promotions. Some of these payment plans are interest-free from 12 months to several years depending on the amount of your purchase.

Do you prefer furniture that is American made, or have you been considering something from India, Indonesia, or some other country. You will want to ask how long it will take to have furniture delivered from outside your home region.

One couple wanted furniture from Finland since that is their family’s heritage. Although it took longer for them to have the furniture delivered, they were very pleased to buy exactly what they had always dreamed of having in their home. What does your dream furniture look like?

No matter what rooms you are planning to redo with a new look in wooden furniture, color is definitely a matter of personal preference. When you look through redecorating magazines, what appeals to you?

Do light-colored walls with dark furniture catch your eye? Is that the way your room looks now? There are many types of wood that would be included in this category. Oak is somewhat dark and has the reputation of lasting forever. Walnut is very dark, but probably wouldn’t look good in a small room. Room size compared to the size of the desired furniture is an important aspect of your purchase.

If you are considering light blonde wooden furniture, that would be pine. Although pine is very attractive, it is a very soft wood. It shows marks very easily which can take away from its beauty very quickly. Will purchasing very light blonde furniture mean that you will have to do a lot of painting for contrast? Are you prepared to make this change?

Another wood that is exceptional is Balsam, but it is rare and very expensive. Depending on your financial situation, you may want to consider this beautiful wood. White birch is not typically used for modern contemporary furniture, but many people prefer that type.

Maybe you are thinking of making a drastic change. Be cautious about doing something really dramatically different. Whether your choice is modern contemporary, French provincial, antique, or any of the other styles available, buy what really impresses you.

Keep in mind that no matter what room you are planning to redo, this will involve a substantial financial investment. Take your time making your choices as you will probably own your new wooden furniture for many years. Make sure that you choose furniture that is not only well-made, but also is furniture that suits your family’s lifestyle. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How To Choose Furniture for Your Home

                                                                          How To Choose Furniture for Your Home

By: Gabriel Adams

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun. You get to express your unique personality and style with the type of furniture you choose. Furniture should not only be pleasing to the eye, but should be comfortable so that it invites guests to sit back, relax and feel at home.

Styles of Furniture

The style of furniture you choose should match the type of house you have. If your home is modern, then crisp, clean lines should be what you look for in the items to place throughout your home. If your home is a colonial or farmhouse, you might want to opt for a more rustic style.
T. Marie's Products Page
Your personal tastes will come into play as well. A home that seems warm and well lived in is what you should strive for when you are looking for furniture to fill your house. Color also plays an important role in what furniture you will want. If your home is filled with neutral colors such as whites and beiges, then you want the furniture to complement that color scheme. A home with pastel colors will require pieces with a bit more dash and splash to bring out the beauty of the room.

The Price is Right

Filling your home with furniture can become quite an expensive venture, so finding furniture on sale should be a priority. There are many places where you can find bedroom, dining room or living room sets that are deeply discounted such as a furniture warehouse outlet.

Buying a set of furniture will usually cost much less than if you buy each piece individually. If price is a concern, look for sales or wholesale outlets that sell furniture sets at a lesser price than you would find in many retail showrooms.

Quality is another factor to consider. Just because furniture is priced right doesn’t mean it will stand the test of time. Many of the megastores sell furniture at terrific prices, but the quality is not all it should be and once in your home, if you have an active family, you may find the furniture quickly falls apart.

The Size of the Room

Though you may fall in love with a particular piece or set of furniture you must take into account the size of the room where it will dwell. Large heavy pieces will make a small room seem even smaller, and delicate pieces or sets will be overwhelmed by rooms that are large. Balance is the key to buying furniture to fit the room where it is to go.

The same principle goes for your lighting needs too. You don’t want a big, bulky chandelier type lighting piece that is going to be used in a room with low ceilings. You will want to choose lighting that will brighten but not bring to mind stage lighting. Lighting that is too low will not bring out the best in a room and may prevent family members from using that room as there is not enough light. 

Furniture selection should be carefully considered as it will be a part of your home for many years. So take your time, bring pictures of the room, along with color swatches when shopping to help you choose the best furniture your money can buy that will fit the room like a glove.



                                                                                            Country Pine Benches
A bench can become the perfect solution for your ongoing home improvement projects. A bench becomes part of your life as you are blessed with a lifetime of memories. While sitting on a bench memorable conversations unfold, conversations with your parents, spouse, loved ones or friends. A bench is a place where some receive their first kiss or a much needed hug in a period of crisis or a simple touch from your spouse that reinforces your years together. A person can relax, think and experience many peaceful moments by adding a bench to their home improvement plans. There are many different kinds of benches to choose from.

As a bench quickly becomes the center piece of your home you can choose from a cubby bench, deacon bench, fly tying bench, potting bench or a teak bench. These benches are different in a variety of ways. With the proper information you will be able to make an informed decision.

cubby bench is a sensible way to store all of those things that seem to always be in the way. This type of bench is great for a child's play room and other areas of the house where things seem scattered. A cubby bench usually consists of three open cubbies designed for storage and a firm bench seat. You can leave the cubbies open or you can put baskets into the slots. The baskets will give your cubby bench a sense of tidiness. This bench is available in beautiful cedar, oak, maple or teak wood. Parents love the cubby bench because of its convenient space storage; children appreciate the private space to sit with friends and to store all of their comforting treasures.

If you are looking for a trendier bench, the deacon bench may be just what you need. A deacon bench offers a place to sit, chest storage and adds a touch of attractiveness to any room or space. Most furniture stores carry this type of bench and they usually range in price from $300 to $500 dollars. This is a preferred bench for both style and storage. It is a great addition to any home.

Benches are made for indoor and outdoor use. Many people enjoy having a bench on their porch or in their patio area. During the summer an outside bench is a wonderful piece of furniture to have. Many times families like to sit outside, enjoying a warm summer breeze, while sipping homemade lemonade. This is a perfect opportunity for family time and the chance to create many lasting moments.

No matter what your home improvement plans are make sure to include a bench. Patio and lawn chairs are only made for one whereas benches are made for two. Have many romantic and heart-warming moments as your new bench quickly becomes your favorite piece of furniture. Any of the above mentioned benches can be purchased at many stores, online or through catalogs. Some enterprising individuals even like to build their own bench adding an extra touch of sentimental value. for more information of benches visit:

Adding Comfort to Your Home With Primitive Decorating

                                                         Adding Comfort to Your Home With Primitive Decorating

By using rustic, primitive home décor you can transform your kitchen from a place of utilitarian tasks to a cozy nook where your family really wants to spend their time.

From Fast and Furious to Laid Back

The modern kitchen of the fast food generation, with its stainless steel appliances and round, black center island surrounded by barstools, leaves something to be desired. You can bring a sense of family and togetherness back to your house with a little primitive home décor.

What you Need to get the Effect

The piece de resistance, the ultimate addition in the way of primitive home décor, is the dry sink. It doesn’t have to serve any function other than as a conversation piece, but this item definitely brings you back to the “old country home”. Dry sinks are not all that easy to come by, so rest assured that if you can’t find one of these pieces there are other ways to achieve the rustic look.

An old fashioned, free-standing cupboard with a hanging wooden towel rack to match are easier to find and relatively inexpensive. You can even make your own sturdy wooden bench to use along one side of your table. Spending a lot of money on actual antiques for your primitive home décor isn’t necessary, since you can create a faux antique look for any piece of wooden furniture by using paints and glazes from your local home center.

Special Little Additions

Folk art accents add a hand-crafted touch to your primitive home décor. You can create folk art items yourself or purchase them at flea markets. Wooden cutouts of cows, sheep and fruit can be painted and hung on your walls, or placed on counters and shelves. You can fill wicker baskets with wooden fruit, and display handmade candles with country candleholders. A red-checkered tablecloth with matching napkins and towels, accompanied by hand painted salt and pepper shakers and a matching sugar bowl are also inexpensive additions.

Use quaint primitive home decor signs with welcoming phrases like, “Home is where the heart is.” Or you can use a child’s chalkboard to write, “Today’s menu,” to add a friendly touch to your country kitchen. Imagine holidays, weekend breakfasts and Sunday family dinners celebrated in the true sense of family and home when you spend those special times in the comfort of your quaint country kitchen. 
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How To Decorate Your Home in the Primitive Decorating Style

                                                             How to Decorate Your Home in the Primitive Decorating Style

Decorative items are the icing on any decorating style and should help pull your Primitive decorating theme together. This design approach works perfect with primitave, unadorned decorative accessories which help bring out the comfortable and warm atmosphere of warmth and simplicity. Choose good quality accessories like knick knacks, wall art and pillows that add to your primitive décor to pull the look together.

Paintings and prints are a great way to add unique interest to your walls, but most people don’t know the proper way to hang them. Single artworks should be positioned so the middle of the piece is at eye level, not so that the tops or bottoms of the frames are even as some people think. Try laying a group of artwork out on the floor initially to work out the best design. You can bring interesting flair into your Primitive decorating theme design with folk art which you could place in plain frames.

Knick Knacks can really bring a creative touch to any room, no matter what the design style. To round out your primitive country decorating, stick with accessories that have a comfortable and warm ambiance. Try putting a graduated set of pantry boxes stacked on a table or in the corner or adding antique baskets filled with dried flowers. You can inject your own distinct style to the room by selecting accessories which reflect your unique style. You don’t need to spend too much cash to acquire great items, try identifying a consignment store nearby and you’ll be surprised at the good quality accessories you can get for very little cost.

Some accessories that can help complete the ambiance of warmth and simplicity include folk art, tramp art, and vintage signs. You would be smart to pick accessories which coordinate with your overall room décor. Steer away from being too eclectic or the appearance you are trying to get could become diluted.

Another accessory you can think about to add charm to your design theme is decorative pillows. You can find a use for pillows in every room even the bathroom and kitchen. Displaying decorative pillows arranged at the head of your bed will add a fantastic professional allure. Pillows on your chairs or sofa may help insert the primitive country decorating sense to the furniture. In the kitchen or bathroom, a pillow put strategically on a hamper or chair can provide a comfortable touch. Using pillows that are plain and simple will help add unique charm.

Displaying primitives such as old boxes and baskets can add a professional style to your Primitive decorating theme. Yet before you go out and select a variety of items, you would be smart to have an idea of the kinds of accessories you want and shop for those pieces. You will need to try also to acquire items in the proper sizes and also proportions. This way you can make sure to get accessories that fit and look together fabulous.


How To Hang A Rustic Shelf

                                                                                          How To Hang A Rustic Shelf

How to Hang a Rustic Shelf  that uses Key Holes.

Hanging a rustic shelf doesn't have to be a difficult job. Let's start by making a template.

Step 1. Make a template by positioning the shelf upside down on a table. Hold a sheet of paper on the back of the shelf cetering it as shown.

Template Instructions 1

Step 2. Make a pencil rubbing on both of the key holes on the back by holding your pencil sideways so the side of the lead outlines the keyholes. Then draw an arrow pointing down at the table as shown.

Template Instructions 2

Step 3. While still holding the paper on the back of the shelf, make a hole in the paper at the end of the key hole as shown.

Template Instructions 3

Step 4. Invert the paper so the arrow is facing up. Place on the wall and level the top edge of the paper. Using the holes you punched in step 3, mark the wall by inserting the screw in the holes and pressing them into the wall.

Template instructions 4

Step 5. Remove paper and install the screws in the marked positions. You will need to leave about 1/8" of the screw protruding for the shelf (adjust if nessasary). The key holes in the shelf should slide over the screws then pull down on the shelf to lock it in place.

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Charging Station Cabinets

                                                                                       Charging Station Cabinets

Tired of all those cluttered cords when charging your cell phones, Ipods and blackberries.  Now you can add that touch of country to your home and at the same time eliminate all of those tangled and unsitely cords.  

    You can find cabinets for all of your decorating needs at T Maries Galleries  finished in the color of your choice.  Custom orders are always welcome.

                                                                           Country Charging Stations            


Dating Primitive and Country Furniture

                                                                               Dating Primitive and Country Furniture


                          Dating Primitive and Country Furniture  

Have you ever tried to pinpoint the construction date of a country cupboard?  The stylistic techniques used to date formal furniture such as Chippendale and Hepplewhite simply does not work for American country and primitive furniture.  Country furniture does have its styles based predominately on religion and region.  The catholic French and the Irish built cupboards with bold moldings, cut out feet, raised panels and they painted their cupboards in bright colors.  The puritan New England cabinetmakers built simple unadorned cupboards painted in drab colors. 

          The Shakers are well known for their simple but elegant furniture.  Furniture built in the Midwest and the South is different from New England made pieces. 

          The problem with using style to establish the construction date of country and primitive furniture is that regional styles remained unchanged for most of the 19th century.  Unable to use style, dealers and collectors have turned to the telltale signs left on the furniture itself  by tools and by construction methods.  This system is remarkably accurate to within a ten-year period.

          During the Industrial Revolution, the method of making nails, screws, hinges, latches, and of milling lumber changed often.  Each change is documented, most are patented.  The style of nails changed a dozen times, the hinge changed four times, the screw changed three times, and so did latches and pulls.  The methods of working wood also changed during this time.  The saw changed, molding styles changed, mortising changed. 

          Since it is impossible for any item to be older than the technology that made it possible, a chronological system of the advancement of cabinetmaking technology can be used to establish construction dates to within a few years.

          The up and down saw leaves marks on wood that look like this |||||||||||||.  The circular saw leaves marks on wood that look like this ))))))))).  The pit saw leaves marks on wood that look like this ///////////. 

          The pit saw is a two-man powered saw used in America before 1680 to cut logs into boards. After 1700, its major use was as a large jigsaw to shape knees, ribbing, and planking for ships.

          The up-and-down saw, was used in this country from the 1680s until early in the 1900s.  Therefore,  most boards used in the construction of early cupboards show signs of being cut with an up-and-down saw. 

          The circular saw although introduced in the mid 1850s could not be made big enough and powerful enough to cut lumber of the size used in furniture construction until 1880.  The circular saw was limited to cutting thin pieces of wood such as shingles, clapboards, and laths until the early 1900s.  Cupboards and other furniture in which the large size boards used in their construction are circular saw cut can date to 1880, but usually date after 1900. 

          The rough sawed lumber used in furniture construction was smoothed with either a hand held plane, or a planing machine.  The hand held plane was used in this country from the beginning until after 1900.  Planing machines were experimented with early in the 1800s.  Two early experiments are the Woodworth planer in 1824 and the Daniels planer in 1834.  However, a perfected machine was not developed until 1860.  Lawsuits over patent rights prevented its use until 1880.  Machine plane marks are of some use in dating cupboards made as early as 1860, but machine plane marks usually suggest a construction date of 1880 or later.    

          The introduction of the modern looking butt hinge used to hold doors on cupboards dates to 1820.  Before 1820, hinges were made one at a time by a blacksmith.  The first butt hinges were made out of cast iron.  They were thick and heavy.  By 1840, cast iron hinges became thinner as manufacturers tried to squeeze more hinges out of each pound of iron.  By 1880, the use of cast iron in the making of butt hinges was discontinued in favor of stamped steel. 

          The common wood screw underwent a major change in 1846 when T. J. Sloan of New York City invented the first machine to mass-produce this item.  Sloan holds many patents for cutting threads, shaping points, and forming the heads of screws.   Before 1846, all screws were handmade and the slot in the top of the screw was hand cut with a hacksaw.  Seldom was the cut placed exactly in the center.  Because the new machine made screw was inexpensive, it was readily accepted by cabinetmakers.  Items made after 1846 are made using this new screw. 

          For the first ten years of production, machine made screws were made with no slot in their head.  The slot still had to be cut by hand with a hacksaw.  Country furniture made with these screws can easily be dated to the ten-year period 1846-1856.   The Mercer Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania has samples of Sloan’s screws on display.  The Mercer library contains materials on both machine made screws and methods of cutting screws by hand.  

          In 1871, cast iron latches became available to cabinetmakers.  After the introduction of the cast iron latch, most cabinetmakers used this new feature in place of the little wooden turnstile that had been used for centuries. 

          In the South and Midwest, hand-cast brass latches were in use before 1850.  These early latches were inlaid into cabinet doors rather than being attached to the surface, as were the later cast iron latches.  

          Dealers who specialize in country and primitive furniture have depended on the above methods (plus the study of nails) for dating their antiques.  Many dealers feel that the technological system is superior to the stylistic system.  Furniture styles linger for years.  New technologies, because they bring cheaper prices or faster methods, are accepted quickly - usually within a year or two. 

           The Dating of Old Houses, a paper prepared by Dr. Henry C. Mercer, contains photographs, drawings, and patent information on nails, hinges, screws, hardware, planing machines, etc.  Call the Mercier Museum, Doylestown, Pennsylvania (215-345-0210) during business hours for information on reprints by The Bucks County Historical Society. 

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Holiday Shopping for Country Pine Furniture

                                                                   Holiday Shopping for Country Pine Furniture

Its that time of the year again when we start thinking of the holidays and planning on those special gifts that we will be giving to our family and friends.   With the economic climate that we are in today many stores carry a much smaller inventory of items with fewer selections.   In addition most of these items have been mass produced with poor quality and imported from China. 

If your looking for American made home decorating products you can shop online at your convenience and have them delivered to you without ever leaving your house.  If your looking for quality country pine furniture that is hand made in the USA you may want to visit T Maries Galleries at   T Maries Galleries  hand produces every item expressly for you in their shops in Pennsylvania and Florida.   When shopping at T Maries Galleries you will be able to order your products in the color of your choice from the large selection that they offer and you never have to worry about something being out of stock because every item is made expressly for you.   In addition most items are ready to ship within seven business days or less.  T Maries Galleries is also happy to custom size most of their products for you as well. 

                Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Sanibel Island are a few of the sleepy, little towns found in southwest Florida. This quaint, quiet realm of the Sunshine State is endearingly referred to as Florida’s Treasure Coast. It’s popular for its calm, relaxing beaches and warm, beautiful weather. However, Fort Myers holds more hidden treasures than what meets the eye.

            Southwest Florida’s fine arts community can be found in so many places. Aside from the fine art galleries in the River District and the heavy artist community of Matalacha, you’ll find it even in the murals painted on buildings near the beach. You can see it in the design of several of Fort Myers most popular structures. You can also find it in some of Fort Myers untapped resources, such as local artists.

            Josh Goehring is an up-and-coming artist living in southwest Florida. Josh is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and was raised in the Florida Keys. Growing up in the Keys, Josh was able to observe and absorb so much of the culture that makes Florida what it is. He found his talent in art and fell in love with painting. He has spent years tweaking this talent and honing his skills. He paints mostly Contemporary-Impressionist style with oil paints. T. Marie’s Galleries can be found at . T. Marie’s features Josh’s original paintings and fine art prints. This small company has been beating the odds in America’s struggling economy by offering quality, handmade in America products for a reasonable price. T. Marie’s showcases Josh’s work but also offers custom, pine wood furniture and wood or ceramic crafts. Their hard work and dedication to making superior products can be described in their motto, “Making tomorrow’s antiques today.”

                                                                                                                                                                written by: Jill Himmelfarb